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Leather Lamination Technology

Lunke Laminator LEH-1600 Lunke Laminator LEHO-1850


The Lunke Laminator has been supplied to laminators worldwide for the past 20 years. We have specialised in lamination of synthetic foils (PU and PVC) to leather since the 1970's, and we have in recent years also built laminators that laminate continuous materials.

Our machines can also be used to impart grains with the help of release papers. This method offers the versatility of sophisticated, complex textures and controlled glosses without large investments in engraved rollers/plates.

Whereas we generally build our machines to our customer's specification, the following represent typical parameters for our machines:

  • Standard working width: 1600 mm
  • Variable speed: 2 - 15 meters per minute
  • Heating source optional: steam, electric elements or preheated oil
  • Felt tracking - automatic adjustment
  • Hydraulic pressure: variable
  • Reverse mode
  • Floor space required: approximately 150x250 cm
  • Unwinding system (one material) integrated on top of machine
  • Safety features satisfying European standards

Our high degree of specialization has allowed us to develop our system continuously. We operate with a low overhead, and are therefore able to offer our machines at very competitive terms. You can find our conditions of sale here.

We can develop full lamination lines. We are also available to work with you to develop the best solution for your requirement on a consultant basis. In combination with our representation for PU foil and adhesives we can be your key to getting to production in a time- and cost-efficient manner!

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