Leather Lamination Technology

Microfiber before coagulation
Raw microfiber
Cross-section of leatherCross-section of Microfiber

Cross sections of leather (left) and processed microfiber (right)




Microfiber represents the state of art in synthetic leathers, and is rapidly replacing leather in many applications. In addition, the use of Microfiber goes beyond the traditional use of leather as a raw material. Microfiber continues to make inroads into technical applications (such as polishing, cleaning, wiping, and as a medium for processing of other products).

We can supply nonwoven, needlepunched fiber, with deniers ranging from 0.15 all the way down to 0.001 fiber size. The esthetics of the material has been developed to the point of matching the feel and look of real leather. Our microfiber is soft, lightweight, with a silky touch and a bright color range. As a full grain product, we can offer a very diverse range of embosses and colors. The use of transfer paper technology ensures a highly sophisticated grain picture. Our suede offers a rich nappa effect.

The advantages over leather include uniformity throughout the material, offering you a higher yield. The material has similar elongation and tear strength properties as leather. As leather, microfiber is permeable and offers high breathability and moisture transfer. Various properties critical to end use can be engineered into the finished product, such as water repellancy, abrasion resistance, antistatic- and antibacterial properties. We work closely with our customers to meet target requirements, and our supplier will provide timely samples for your qualification.

Applications include (but are not limited to) sports shoes, casual shoes, linings, gloves, handbags, balls, sports equipment, clothing, furniture, wiping and polishing.

We can supply smaller production runs than most of our competitors, but also have the capacity to produce large production runs of any required specification.

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