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Leather Lamination Technology



We will always write a contract regulating any machine order. Such contract will be regulated by a set of terms and conditions of sale. The wording of the contract will have priority over the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions applicable to our sales of machines are "ORGALIME S 92", titled: "General Conditions for the Supply of Mechanical, Electrical and Associated Electronic Products" as published in Brussels, October 1992 by ORGALIME (Liason group of the European mechanical, electrical, electronic and metalworking industries). New releases will replace these when applicable..

We will supply these when relevant. In general, main terms include:

  • EXW (Ex-Works - ref. INCOTERMS)
  • Acceptance testing at place of manufacture
  • Payment:1/3 at contract formation; 1/3 on delivery notification; 1/3 on delivery
  • Supplier liable for defects for 12 months


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