Leather Lamination Technology



RP Int. can supply you with a number of different synthetic materials. These include:

  • PU and PVC coated synthetic leather on woven or non-woven substrates. These products can be used for a number of applications; uppers; linings; furniture; etc. Let us know what you need, or what you would like to use for a particular purpose, or send us a sample of something you would like to match, and we will get you to where you want to go!

  • Spun lace - various qualities - from cellulose and polyester. These products are typically used for wiping purposes. We can help you source according to a number of parameters, such as composition, colour, weight and price.

  • Water based adhesives for lamination processes. We can help you find a good adhesive for your lamination process, supplied from a competitive, world-class manufacturer with a worldwide distribution network.

  • Fleece. If you are a fleece user, we can supply a full range range of weights; non-woven and knit, including laminated, wind-blocking fleece. Whether you make clothing, hats, gloves or other products, our suppliers will be competitive!

RP Int. aims at being able to source the product you need, at very competitive terms. If you have a requirement for a synthetic raw material that is hard to find; if you want to diversify your current supply sources; or if you just want to find a better priced source, please contact RP Int.



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