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Lunke: Microfiber, PU Foil, Synthetics and Leather Lamination



The Product: PU (Polyurethane) microporous films

The Use: Lamination to leather, leather board, or other synthetics, replacing traditional finishing.

RP Int. has worldwide representation for this product from one of a few select manufacturers worldwide that can offer this sophisticated finishing system.

PU foil offers a number of significant advantages to traditional finishes:

  • Production setup:
    • Low startup costs to set up a production line. This offers leather finishers a sophisticated upgrade system for splits and lower grade leathers.
    • Production line requires very little floor space, making it easy to fit in with existing operations
    • Quick changeover for new colors or grain
    • High product consistency and yields

  • Product properties:
    • A highly sophisticated finish, with a good hand-feel and "breaking" properties
    • Permeability: moisture removal in footwear offers comfort
    • Waterproof: water molecules are too big to penetrate through the pores
    • Abrasion resistance: better than traditional finishes, offering excellent wear properties
    • Easy maintenance: can be cleaned with a moist wipe
    • Chemical properties: film can be engineered with antibacterial or other required properties
    • Product delivered on rolls of approx. 100 meters, width of 54 inches/137 cm

A. & Birger Lunke A/S has more than 30 years of experience with the lamination process, having been one of the pioneer tanneries to adopt this process. We have supplied our Lunke Laminators to companies worldwide. Our system has become an acknowledged standard for lamination of continuous rolled goods to substrates. We can apply our lamination know-how to most lamination applications on a consultant basis.

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