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Leather Lamination Technology



Sourcing Partner:

RP Int.'s expertise is to source synthetic materials from producers anywhere in the world, with the objective of finding a better and/or more cost effective product for you. RP Int. knows the best and most cost efficient suppliers of a host of different synthetic materials, with a focus on non-wovens. The correct cost/benefit balance is critical to customers, and RP Int. will work closely with your commercial and technical staff to ensure that your requirements are met.

Such services are normally free for you, as RP Int.'s role is that of manufacturer's representative. RP Int can work as a sourcing partners to industrial customers on a retainer basis.

RP Int. maintains technological and industrial know-how through extensive contacts in a number of projects, and through active participation in various relevant trade shows. RP Int. has a good understanding of materials composition and behavior; additives needed to attain correct product properties; quality control requirements; international trade considerations; legal, commercial, and operational aspects of finding the right supplier or product for your needs.

Contact RP Int. to discuss how your business can benefit!

Lamination Consultant:

With our tannery background, specifically as laminators, we have a good understanding of the critical parameters needed to set up a high quality, efficient lamination line. We have delivered and set up our lamination machinery with tanneries worldwide, and have also developed machines and technology for other lamination purposes. We are available to work with your on a consultant basis to help set up or improve your lamination line.





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