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Leather Lamination Technology



Early days - traditional tannery operations

Our company was established by Amund Lunke in 1875 in the town of Elverum, in southeastern Norway. A sole leather tannery situated in the middle of the local town, working with bovine hides sourced from regional farmers. The company adapted the most modern industrial methods in the early 1900's, following the passing of management to Birger Lunke who had studied the trade in the U.S. The company stayed at the forefront of technology in the years to come, utilizing the most modern machinery available.

Specialization into split leather

Following WW2, the business climate and competition was getting tough. Alternative materials were introduced by companies like DuPont, and quickly took market share. The industry consolidated. Our company, now under the management of Viggo Lunke, developed operations with splits, which in the 1960's became our primary raw material. In the 1970's we started laminating splits with synthetic foils, producing upper materials for the shoe industry in northern Europe. We were one of the pioneers in the field of lamination, and designed our own production lines. We were one of the first companies to work with microporous PU-foil, working closely with Porvair.



With the emergence of Asia as an efficient competitor for our traditional customers, our customer base slowly eroded. We made a strategic decision to discontinue our tannery operations, which was implemented in 1985. Our company focused on developing lamination technology in the following years, and we have since supplied LUNKE LAMINATORS to the leather industry on all continents. Through this focus, we have developed strong relations with key producers of high technology synthetic leather.

Today we develop and manufacture machinery for lamination and transfer paper embossing for the world leather industry.

After the reorganisation of activities, RP Int. represent high quality producers of a wide range of synthetics, and supply a number of tanneries, shoe- and apparel manufacturers with their required materials.

Our operations today are managed by Birger Lunke (laminators and machinery).


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