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Lamination and embossing technology for the leather industry

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The Lunke Laminator was developed to laminate splits to PVC and PU-foils. It has enjoyed continuous development since the early 1970's, and is in daily use by leather finishers worldwide. We have developed and delivered laminators for the lamination of continuous materials, as well as for embossing materials with the help of transfer paper technology. If you have an industrial requirement for lamination or a similar application, we will work with you to solve your need.

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Microfiber and other syntethics - Reorganisation:

A. & Birger Lunke's synthetic materials business has since June 2004 been transferred to Resource Partners Int. (RP Int.), under the management of Mr. Mark Mahdavi. RP Int. supplies microfiber, PU-foils and sources other synthetic products for customers internationally. Please follow links below to contact RP Int.


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Machinery and technology:  A. & B. Lunke A/S, Oestenaaslia 15, N-1344 Haslum, Norway, phone no. (+47) 90 10 97 85

Synthetics:  RP Int., P.O. Box 651 Madla, N-4090 Hafrsfjord, Norway, phone no. (+47) 51 84 23 00, fax. No. (+47) 51 76 95 00, and

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